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The Comitè

Group belonging to the C.E. Àliga that actuates promoting different social events through designing, scheduling, dissemination and the coordination of the activities that cover different disciplines of mountaineering.

The activities are aimed to C.E. Àliga members, with the proper insurance according to the activity to be performed.
However, any interested who not being a member may participate in these events as long as they have the corresponding FEEC insurance. Please contact with the Secretaria of C.E.A. for more info.

Under no circumstances are these activities intended to be training courses for any of the mountain disciplines being promoted, rather all participants must have and demonstrate basic knowledge on each of the activities, especially for activities that involve a certain risk level such as mountaineering, climbing or ferratas.

Kind of scheduled activities,


Trekkings are scheduled on a monthly basis. Dates for this type of activity are scheduled for the last Saturday of each month.

Hikes that require physical effort of different intensity. Targuets graduated, this allows choosing between different levels of phisical demand, classified as mild mornings, A levels, up to D levels that represent the most demanding and of full-time.

A- Accumulated elevation less than 300 m and a route of up to 12 km - smooth morning

B- Accumulated elevation between 300 and 600 m and a route up to 12 km - demanding morning

C- Accumulated elevation between 600 and 900 m and a route of more than 12 to 15 km - demanding day

D- Accumulated elevation over 900 m and a route of more than 15 to 20 km - a very demanding day

The symbols + or - will be added to each of the letters depending on their proximity to its extremes. In such a way that a B + trek would mean a cumulative difference in elevation of around 600 m and a 12 km route.

Activities that involve the knowledge of specific techniques.

Climbing, ferrades, snow and ice outings are scheduled on a monthly basis. Although dates for these activities are scheduled to the second Saturday of each month, adverse weather forecast will advise us to move the activity to the previous or next Saturday.

Everyone who wants to participate must have the "PPE" (Personal Protective Equipment) for each kind of activity

Comitè's commitments

Social events promotion

Designing and scheduling


Events advertising

Digital documents, write and dissemination


Events organisation

Events coordination and control


Social events schedule

Level C
Un tomb pel Ferran


    Private transport.

Trekking with some sections of ferrata
Level, one pitch of K4
Camí Vertical de la Lluna Plena


    Private transport

Level C
Coll de Llivia- Cap de Boumort


    Private transport. Bus minimum 30 seats

Level C(+)
Rocabruna-El Coral-La Menera


    Private Transport. Bus minimum 30 seats

Latest social activities

Circular a Sant Matí de Llémena

La Garrotxa

Castell De Pera, Els Emprius, El Marquet De Les Roques

Vallès Occidental

El Cogulló de cal Torre

El Bages

Other activities, group level kind of. Blogs.

  • Author: Joan Prunera
  • September-22
  • Post your comments through FÒRUM ÀLIGA

El Col.leccionista de Vies

Joan essentially presents us a good climbing blog. It contains extensive information on very well detailed and graded routes.

  • Authors: Isabel Benet - Bonaventura Amorós
  • September-22
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Isabel & Ventu

They provide us with extensive information on climbing routes and very interesting themed tours.

  • Author: Agustín
  • September-22
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El Tercergradista

Agustín, presents us extensive information on interesting climbing routes commented in detail and very well set.

  • Author: Carlos Vilas
  • September-22
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Escalada Clásica

Carlos presents us extensive information on essentially classic climbing routes. Many of its targets are located in the Pyrenees and the Alps.

  • Author: Joan Asín
  • September-22
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Joan Asín

Joan presents us a blog that contains extensive information on well-detailed climbing routes. In the photo sharing the climbing day with members of the C.E.A.

  • Author: Kñt
  • September-22
  • Post your comments through FÒRUM ÀLIGA

La Panxa Trepadora

Cañete presents us a blog that contains extensive information on diverse and very interesting mountain topics.

  • Autor: SIE
  • October-22
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SIE members are publishing caving activities on two different blogs. However Espeleobloc shows an events' index that ends up in 2017. Both publications show their caving activities accompanied by fantastic images that deserve our attention.

Social initiatives

Space intended to give publicity, on a group level basis, to initiatives of different environment areas, all this concerning social activities as mountaineering club.

Space also intended to give light to different proposals, to disseminate a specific topic.

Institutional events.

Festive, gastronomic and celebration events.

Mushroom outings or similar.

Historical-scientific outings.

Rides into marine environments, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking.

BTT, cycletouring, greenways.

Social's stay projects.

Geographical positioning. The use of GPS, compass, maps and apps.

  • Group: Estades
  • February-23
  • Contact through Fòrum or C.E.A.


Josep Navarro is from Barcelona, he has been settled in the Nepal permanently acting as coordinator of the activities organized by the Nepalese agency that was rulled by Shambu Tamang.
Shambu died last July, he was the leading climber of the Nepalese in 1985.
At the age of eighteen, in 1974, he had already reached the summit of Everest, on the Nepalese side.
The agency was founded in the early eighties with Lluís Belvís, Consul of Nepal and organizer of the Everest 82 and 85 expeditions.
Josep proposes this nine days trek to be held in the month of next November, dates to be determined.

  • Group: Geographic positioning systems
  • January-23
  • Contact the Group through Fòrum

Using the App Oruxmaps

An excursion will be proposed to make use of this Android application, it will help us to locate our position on a map, create the route, track, and manage the results.

  • Group: Cyclo-Tourism. BTT
  • January-23
  • Contact the Group through Fòrum

New rides soon

Depending on the interest, this group will propose different rides throughout the territory. This first bike ride it was at coastal level, Malgrat de Mar - Sant Andreu de Llavaneres. Transport by train to the starting point.


  • Secretary C.E.A.: Ma Carme Vericat
  • January-23
  • Contact the C.E. ÀLIGA

IMPORTANT. FEEC instructions regarding its APP updating

In order to be able to enjoy the FEEC APP and all its features, it needs an update or re-download for it to operate properly.

The app for tablets and mobile phones of the Federation of Excursionist Entities of Catalonia (FEEC) allows the identification of federates directly with their own devices.

Federates can carry all the essential information as FEEC federates within the mobile phone. Under the AAP, the federated will have at hand the e-licensing that will have the same value as the physical licence for the refuges that have a FEEC agreement and for the establishments that have joined this application. It should be remembered that thanks to the agreement with Aragon, Asturias, the Basque Country and Navarre federations, these discounts will be applied in all the refuges of these federations.

Posted on the FEEC's website you can find out about updating the APP and all its benefits and services.

Signed: Xavier Aranda

  • Secretaria del C.E.A.: Ma Carme Vericat
  • December-22
  • Contact C.E. ÀLIGA

FEEC 2023 Federative licensing

Dear members, from Monday the 5th I will be able to start processing licenses, so as always you can ask both personally at the institution, as well as by email, phone, even on my Whatsapp 627331581.

This year, those who want to pay for the licenses at the social stage will also be able to do so by card credit, as well as pay for bar drinks.

The novelty of this year is that you want to go to refuges of Aragon, Asturias, the Basque Country and Navarre you do not need to qualify your the license, since a collaboration agreement has been signed with the FEEC, you only need to do it if you go to Europeans refuges. Yes, it is true that the price of licenses has gone up by 8%, but discussing it with the FEEC this can be compensated by not needing to enable the license to go to the places where there is now an agreement.

You can check it all on the FEEC website

  • Secretaria del C.E.A.: Ma Carme Vericat
  • September-22
  • Contact C.E. ÁLIGA

Dataphone for payments at C.E. ÀLIGA headquarters

We inform you that you will be able to make payments by credit card, for the lottery, licenses, drinks and for any amount you have to pay.


Secretaria. Material. Transports. Virtual room. Social room bar. La Botiga.

Secretaria. Site dedicated for attending C. E. Àliga members

Material. Site intended for equipment rental.

Transports. Site that manages the means of transport for social activities

Virtual room. Social meeting site by web.
Through videoconferences different activities' rooms are modeled, these dedicated to treat activities concerning mountaneering and the ones dedicated to the celebration of the different institutional events as the social assemblies.

Social room bar. Site intended for the weekly Friday meeting and institutional events celebrations.

La Botiga. Virtual site for buying and selling used gear and find good opportunities.
In La Botiga, the contact between C.E.A. members is easied in order to give our old gear a second useful life. This gear that we don't need any more and that belongs to the area of mountaineering, climbing, caving, ski.

Feasts Commission

The Feasts Commission is made up of an open group of partners, with the necessary dedication to carry out the programming, dissemination and execution coordination of the various festive events, such as traditional country feasts, institutional celebrations of the C.E.A. and other festive events motivated by the specific characteristics of the territory and personal characteristics of the members.

These activities are aimed at C.E.A. members. However, non-members interested in attending would need to contact the Secretariat in order to be informed about the conditions and requirements to participate.

Festive events

Traditional country feasts.

Revetlla Sant Joan, Castanyada, Cap d'Any, Carnestoltes.

Institutionals C.E.A's feasts.

Club's anniversary, Christmas dinner "Sant STAE", General Assembly's dinner, Insignia's distribution.

Seasson's feasts.

Calçotades and barbeques.

Singular feasts.

Member's anniversaries and homages.

The Feasts Commission deals with:

Rentals for stays in rural houses, refugees, campsites.

The reservations.

Incomes and payments.

to be updated about the events schedule please join our WhatsApp groups

Contact C. E. Àliga


93 454 40 56